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About Us

GERB boasts of a glorious history that began almost a 100 years ago when its founder, William Gerb, came up with the idea of using steel springs along with Viscodamper to minimise machinery vibrations in work areas and surrounding neighborhoods. Today we provide world class Anti Vibration Mounts, Anti Vibration Pads, Vibration Control Products, Vibration Control System, Vibration Isolation Solutions, etc. for various machinery and industries worldwide.

Since then, the GERB group of companies have thrived on this innovative idea and have solved many a vibration problems in new fields of application. Today, machinery and equipment in power generation and various metal forming plants utilize an active and effective vibration isolation system (source isolation) that helps in reducing vibrations, decreases the foundation size as well as curtails cost. Sensitive measurement, calibration and test equipment, and sometimes even entire buildings make use of a passive isolation system (receiver isolation) to safeguard themselves and negate the disturbing vibrations from nearby heavy duty machines and traffic. In both the cases, whether active or passive isolation systems is concerned, both allows for easy realignment of the foundation, especially in cases where poor soil conditions makes the foundation weak and prone  to settlement.

At Gerb, an innovative spirit drives our business as we believe it is the only way to warrant a secure future. Vibration isolation of railway trackbeds, utilization of tuned mass damper for building and tall structures, seismic protection of buildings etc, are a few of our unique and new applications.

We have a world class R&D center at Berlin, Germany, where we work in sync with renowned research institutions across the world on a regular basis.

Most of the new equipment supplied today come with a vibration isolation system. GERB's elastic foundation is a seamless solution that provides excellent technical advantage, as well as hassle free operation in the long run.

GERB-India initiated business operations in 1985 and set up its factory at Bangalore in the year 1992. Within this short time span, we have attained goodwill of many customers, worldwide.


  • Excellent vibration transmission controls, almost upto 95%
  • Foundation size is reduced which leads to savings in terms of cost, time & space
  • Machine can be installed on higher floors, saving space
  • Maintenance free
  • Reduced stresses in machines, which increases uptime and enhances service span
  • Leveling is easier as it is done at spring level instead of machine level
  • No harm to the buildings
  • No foundation cracks or soil settlement
  • Insurance from the troubles of even future pollution norms neighbors
Our Team

We have a team of expert professionals who gives their best to introduce high quality and unique vibration control systems. Our team consists of designers, consultants, technicians to evaluate the clients requirement and implement necessary solutions. We give consultation and concept designing to our clients. Our team is proficient in creating more opportunities for business by providing unique services locally at the premise of clients to evaluate and measure the performance of vibration control systems. We occasionally conduct training and workshops to educate our newly recruited team members.
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